Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Friends,

My update will be brief this week. As I search for housing, wrap up summer school and figure out what possessions are essential to my life I have written a great many of things in long hand. In their present state those thoughts are only coherent to me.

On Thursday my students will take the writing and reading tests that will determine if they recover their credits for their junior year. These four weeks of summer school have been a roller coaster. What’s more is that I’ve reached the point of actually having a rapport with my students just in time for the program to end – but I find that life is full of such occurrences. Timing is fickle, but usually right.

Also, by Thursday I’ll be pretty close to locking in a place to live (at least that’s the plan).

School starts August 4th.

As we say in summer school: the time is short and the need is great.

Talk to y’all soon,


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