Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weeks not Days

Dear Friends,

Quick update:

I’ve started to think in weeks instead of days. Why this might seem like an obvious transition to some in actuality it marks the transition to the daily scramble to long term planning. Granted there is still work to be done the night before, but I’ve begun to understand much more concretely where I’m going.

As the year has gone on my room has gained some important additions: a homework board, a new independent reading response form and tons of books! I’m actually back logged at the moment and need to get another bookshelf for the classroom. Keep your eyes peeled here for a Donors Choose project – one of two I plan to launch. The other project will be a class set of a text TBD.

I thank you all for your support and what you’ve given my classroom and my students.
Just a quick inventory:
-Over 300 books
-File organizers
-100s of pens, highlighters and paperclips
-Kind and encouraging notes (x20)

Through this process I’ve realized that so many people have an amazing capacity to give. On grueling days (such as today) I take comfort in that.