Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr. Stevens Dances

Hey all,

I danced today. Yes, that humiliating act that Usher far outdoes me in.

The Elzy basketball team is the number one pick in our division, which means that they could be going all the way! We had a pep rally today in honor of our first game in the bracket. During the pep rally I was selected to dance for the Juniors against four other teachers. Yes, the act that I find embarrassing to do in front of drunk people in dimly lit rooms on special occasions was performed in front of 645 high school students in a brightly lit gym. The expanse of polished wood floor left me in a no mans land with nowhere to hide. The bleachers surged with screaming children and I did my best to white boy shuffle to victory

Dance moves attempted:

Moon Walk
Two Step
Handicapped Wobble
Hustle and Flow hand wave thing
Standing and looking surprised that music was playing
Spinning on one foot
The Running Man

I came in second place according to the audience cheer-omter.

Most of my students laughed and patted me on the back (this was largely in part due to some moves I borrowed from "Hustle and Flow"). One however said, "Mr.Stevens you can't dance," which is a true statement.

But! After committing the dance humiliation ritual for the 454 time in front of some pretty talented dancers, tumblers, musicians, cheerleaders and star basketball team I feel pretty okay.

As one student (who is in my awesome creative writing club!) pointed out, "We were all just having fun."

Wisdom. This is the same student who prefers to read the thesaurus during silent reading time, and when he is forced away from that he pulls out something like The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and will begin to pontificate on the wisdom he's gained on his past experiences.

Overall it was a good day.

Other updates:

The class library is booming. Debbie Haines chose some amazing books that kids are battling each other for. If there's on thing that I love more than seeing two teens fight (as do you America [see Hunger Games]) it's seeing them fight for reading.

Lastly, I have a creative writing club that meets once a week now. We began with persona poems and now the club members accost me in the hallway to recite lines from their new raps and poems. One student who is in two of my classes and my club is also writing a short story. I told him he had a knack for dialogue. He immediately he ran up and down the hallway shouting to his friends, "Did you hear that cuz? Mr. Stevens said I'm good at dialogue! I'm good at dialogue."

These are moments worth living for.


Mr. Stevens

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