Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's Be Happy

Dear Friends,

I’m surprised to head into the seventh week of school already. Though, truthfully, another part of me is chagrined that it’s not week 27. This seesaw between wanting to rush and being present is one I know I’ll content with the rest of my life. As will we all.

 The decision to be happy now is one we are always faced with. Fear often rises up, or the sense that it’s settling to find contentment  in a given moment.  I wonder how much of this need to always be producing, consuming and improving comes from our economic system and the unending bombardment of advertisements that promise happiness. Yet, in tension with that consumer ideal, we are so reluctant to change. It is writing, and the sharing of writing, that brings me peace in the seeking of balance between all the forces at play.

The examination of our complexity is inexhaustible. 

I started writing with one simple goal: to share Dan Gilbert’s TED talk with you. Gilbert addresses this idea in a much more detailed and satisfactory manner. Synthetic happiness is something that we could all use more of.

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