Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ink Stains: Let Student Talent Shine

Hey Everyone,

Getting published is the moment where all the silent effort of a writer receives light. For students across the Mississippi Delta that moment can come in the form of Ink Stains, a publication that I, and my two compatriots, have put together. These students have rewritten, added concrete imagery, appealed to the senses, performed for their schools, and are ready to see their names in print. Ink Stains will feature short fiction, memoir, and poetry. As of this moment we have 11 days to raise the last $285 on Kickstarter. If we fail to raise it we get none of the money pledged.

You can donate here:

When you donate we will mail you a copy of the magazine. Your donation is the same as buying a small press publication off the rack at a fraction of the cost.

Even one dollar gets us closer. Writing this makes me think of all the NPR pledge campaigns there are. I remember the guilt I feel and the strong desire for my radio to possess some kind of fast forward button, but if you donate you will receive the powerful and original work of new emerging writers who are not heard by the big publishing houses, television stations, or even seen in films. These are voices that deserve to be heard.

Let me just give you a taste, two different stanzas from two different poems that I think puts into perspective what we're trying to put out to donors across the country and communities across the Delta.

my abnormal anomalies usually mirror astronomy,
So greatest praise to the most high honorably,
But it’s funny to me how I covet the same things that I was structured to be.

And here's another in a much more direct and conversational language: 

Hey You,
You know that land they call
Free, but still tries to prevent
Me from being me

Give a few of your dollars so that these poems can be read by the audience that they deserve. Share the Kickstarter link and this post with anyone you think can help. 

Thanks for journeying with me to this point. 

Word is bond, 

Mr. Stevens

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