Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bomb Threat: Poetry Round One

In case you're coming to this unaware, April is National Poetry Writing Month. The goal is to write a poem each day. I'll share some of them here with you on the blog. Comments are open feel free to share your own. The slashes indicate what day out of the next thirty days the poem was written. Most poems will not have titles beyond that. 


Yesterday a boy called in a bomb threat
We stood out on the bleachers
while the sky threatened rain
and the electric blue and yellow wooden risers
held little puddles.
Students formed knots and hollered
threw raps and compared peoples’ heads
to tomatoes, q-tips, and thermometers.
The teachers stood beneath the students
on the plank
that ran longest near the handrail.
The football field sat overgrown
and dotted with hurdles.
The elementary kids did jumping jacks
and across the muddy fields we could see the flashing
We all worried about lunch.


Though this isn't an apology,
and the pressure remains unsatisfied.
I can hear the piano keys
playing a melody simple.
I like their sound: undercoated